Thursday, September 21, 2017

September 21, 2017: Colliding Water Drops

Experiments with water drop splash have progressed to exploring the collision of a water drop and a rebounding water drop.  The idea is to delay the 2nd drop until the rebound of the 1st drop reaches its maximum. 

My setup -  remote flashes to stop the motion of the drop interactions.  Flash strength: 1//128 manual mode - with Yongnu remote triggers.  A plastic tub for receiving drops and a needle hanging by a tread from the drop maker as a focus. A ring stand that holds the Pluto Valve (drop maker) .  In the foreground is a Pluto trigger, camera (Nikon 5300).  The Pluto trigger, in water drop mode, provides drop size and drop delay for 3 drops. 

A single drop

A rebound drop captured 55 msec after dropping

Collision of the 2nd drop and the rebound drop

Development of the collision

Development of a lamp shade as the 2nd drop collapses.  Surface tension appears as a glue that holds the lamp shade as a coherent object.

Continued development of the lamp shade

An example of a fully developed lamp shade

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