Sunday, October 29, 2017

October 29, 2017: Watching Phidippus regius with their home and eggs

This morning, I found several Phidippus regius homes - with mom and eggs inside.  Here are some photos and video of their behavior.

Phidippus regius


Guarding eggs

Phidippus regius and egg sac

Guarding eggs


House keeping

Looking at me through her front door

Phidippus regius hiding near her egg sac

October 28, 2017 Exploring "streamers" from colliding water objects

Sometimes when water drops collide with a jet from a previous drop, there are streamers hanging down from the upper object.  Physics or artifact?  I don't know so I'm looking for a pattern that reveals whether this effect is from science for my setup.

Oct 29: The "anomaly" seems consistent with these "platters" early during the collision

Now some fun: Dog ice skating

You can imagine

Basketball - jump shot

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

October 25, 2017: Water Drop Sculptures: Experiments with color variations under the water bath

Varying the color is a much easier way to add color than adding food coloring to the bath or drop tower.

Catching a football                              Cobra     

Wise man bearing gifts .                  Juggler 


?                           Circus clown


Martian viewing an earthling .       Hiding inside a transparent hat


Throwing a blanket over a bed .              WIlting mushroom

Symphony conductor        Multicolored swan  

Ballerina                          Boxer 

Little boy in search of his potty            Spheres              

 Launching a shuttlecraft                    Hanging on

?                                         Ballerina

Old man reclining      Man in a time capsule

Little boy in his dingy      Space capsule

Fickle finger of fate                     Riding a horse  

Francis the talking mule                          ?                  

Alien viewing earch                An ice skater        

On top of the world