Thursday, October 12, 2017

October 11, 2017 . SpaceX launch of Falcon 9

My 2nd visit to the Kennedy Space Center - all in a week.  The first time was to watch the SpaceX launch of the Falcon 9.  It was postponed until today (Wednesday).  This is my first photo exercise from 4 miles away - used a D500 with 200-500mm zoom and a D5300 with 90mm Tamron for video

Falcon 9 on launch pad 39A (or maybe B)

Loading the liquid Oxygen


250 msec later with gantry moving away (right of rocket)

Gantry fully retracted and Falcon 9 liftoff

Falcon 9 in flight

Video of ignition and lift off.  Apologies, the bottom of the image was clipped by the video software - I'll have to figure out how to repair

The SpaceX video of Oct 9, 2017 launch and recovery from California

Rocket body maneuver for return flight to the robot barge in the Atlantic


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