Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 24, 2017: Field Work at Pulau Ubin

 A visit to Pulau Ubin with Justin from N. Parks, Joseph, Chris, Linda and Cole.

Ant Mimic Jumping Spider (Myrmarachne sp)

Pyramid log cabin built by a bagworm moth larva

Epeus jumping spider

Juvenile wolf spider, Pardosa pusiola ?




Segestridae, "tubeweb spider" 

Segestridae, "tubeweb spider" 

Segestridae, "tubeweb spider" 

Spider wasp Pompilidae

Lacewing Larva on the move

Sac spider (female)

Male sac spider

Vicira jumping spider 

Spider wasp (Pompilidae) with  possibly a huntsman

Ant mimic, Myrmarachne sp, eating something

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May 4, 2017: Watching a Limpkin make a mussel breakfast

For me, there is nothing more fun that watching behavior - whether human or animal or plant.  I observed the 10 essential steps for making breakfast.  Here  a limpkin skillfully finds a buried mussel shell,  extracts a mussel from its shell, washes it and enjoys a fresh breakfast 

Step 1: Fish for a mussel shell

Step 2: pull the shell to the surface

Step 3: Penetrate the shell interior with your beak

Step 4: Open the shell

Step 5: Open the shell without dropping it

Step 6: Grab the mussel without dropping it

Step 7: Position the mussel for swallowing

Step 8: Fine tune position for optimal swallowing

Step 9: Swallow and enjoy

Step 10: A happy limpkin 

Another iteration: catch the mussel and penetrate the shell

Carefully wash the mussel

Position for swallowing 


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May 3, 2017: David and Goliath: Red-winged blackbird chases herons

         David and Goliath - Red-winged blackbird chasing herons and egrets            

The chased - invading the red-winged blackbird territory

The chaser: Red-winged Blackbird

The chase -   blackbird chasing the white egret.  I suspect the egret and heron invaded territory that housed a blackbird nest.

Chasing a little blue heron

Close quarter chasing

The heron found there was no way to out maneuver the blackbird

Chasing from above

Taking a turn

This little blackbird is quite persistent