Wednesday, October 25, 2017

October 25, 2017: Water Drop Sculptures: Experiments with color variations under the water bath

Varying the color is a much easier way to add color than adding food coloring to the bath or drop tower.

Catching a football                              Cobra     

Wise man bearing gifts .                  Juggler 


?                           Circus clown


Martian viewing an earthling .       Hiding inside a transparent hat


Throwing a blanket over a bed .              WIlting mushroom

Symphony conductor        Multicolored swan  

Ballerina                          Boxer 

Little boy in search of his potty            Spheres              

 Launching a shuttlecraft                    Hanging on

?                                         Ballerina

Old man reclining      Man in a time capsule

Little boy in his dingy      Space capsule

Fickle finger of fate                     Riding a horse  

Francis the talking mule                          ?                  

Alien viewing earch                An ice skater        

On top of the world 

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