Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 1, 2017 . Triple Creek Nature Preserve

Today I returned to Triple Creek - one of my favorite places to look for spiders.  No disappointment today -  Peucetia viridans, Naphila clavipes, Gasteracantha crancriformis, Phidippus regius, Clyclosa and Mecaphesa celer. A new strategy today.  I"m looking carefully in clumps of dog fennel for Peucetia viridans and silk blobs suggesting a Phidippus home.  I did not have to venture far from my car to find these little guys.  A great day!!

Cyclosa and her attached trash

Golden Silk Spider (Nephila clavipes)

Gasteracantha crancriformis with her web decorations (stabilimenta)

Mecaphesa celer (crab spider) hiding in a daisy

Finally I have a decent photo of Argyrodes nephilae harvesting golden silk

Argyrodes nephilae

Is this Argyrodes sp. different from A. nephilae ?

Argyrodes nephilae

Peucetia viridans

Female Peucetia viridans guarding her eggs 

Phidippus audax and her home (white silk region to the right)

Phidippus regius (female).  I found this one in a silk house, similar to P. audax.  When I opened the silk sac - she had just molted.

Phidippus regius climbing over dog fennel

One of my better photos of Phidippus regius.  You can see a reflection of the sky with clouds in her eyes.

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