Friday, September 22, 2017

ISS Transits Observed over Plant City, Florida

The viewing conditions in high humidity Florida were pretty good this morning - for viewing the ISS passage is it passed from NW to NE to SE.  Maximum was at 05:55 at 88 degrees

This morning there was a bright passage of the International Space Station which I was able to photograph and capture with video.

Here is a still shot (20 sec exposure) as it passes to the left of Orion

Morning passage of the ISS (Sep 23)

VIdeo of the Dawn ISS passage

Sept 24, 2017 Evening Passage of ISS

Evening stars with cloud

Composite of 4 5 sec exposures of the ISS passage

ISS (starting in the middle of the frame) passing from left to right

October 15, 2017 

ISS transit from lower left, behind a cloud then continuing to the upper right

A 20 sec exposure of the ISS transit

ISS fading as it passes into the earth's shadow

A control image - an aircraft passing near by show blinking green and red lights.  The ISS has no visible running lights and appears as only dot of reflected sunlight

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