Friday, September 15, 2017

September 15, 2017 . High Speed Photography - water drops

Jack gave me a Pluto Trigger for my birthday.  I added the Pluto drop maker and today, I made my first experiments.  Using a 60mm macro lens and up to 3 remote flashes - I'm slowly learning how to harness the world of splashes

A drop falling

A rebounding drop

A crown (splash rebound) and a detached droplet traveling up

A crown following the drop colliding with the water surface

A rebound with a detached drop

 A twisted drop

My setup: Nikon 5300 + Tamron 60mm macro, Yongnu flash trigger. Pluto trigger and drip maker.  LED light for focusing, 3 Meike flashes sitting on Yongnu receivers.  A plastic container to hold the water and receive the drops.

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