Monday, September 11, 2017

September 11, 2017 . All about Hurricane Irma

A brief story of Hurricane Irma. Timelapse video from a sunny and cloudy Saturday (9.9.17), a couple of radar dumps as the storm moved toward us (blue circle) and video from Sunday afternoon (9.10.17) winds and rain, then about 1am (9.11.17) found us in the eye of the hurricane.

Time lapse video (12x) Saturday afternoon.  Cloud movement (east to west) the before Irma's eye passed new my home from the south

Radar image: 2:05 pm Sunday

Tree motion in the wind - gusts to about 30 km/hr

Inside the eye of Hurricane Irma - no wind and no rain.  Can even hear the frogs talking.

Storm has passed.  Wind about 60 km/hr

Sept 11, 2017 Time lapse (1 image / 20 sec) of cloud movement (west to east), the day after passage of Irma's hurricane eye to the north

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