Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Watching Behavior of Herons, Egrets and Limpkins

More practice with photographing white and movement.

A juvenile little blue heron.  Often my photos were overexposed and I could not see the bluish regions as the juvenile matures.  By backing off "Highlight" in Lightroom, I am able to bring out the blue regions

White Egret - early morning light

White egret landing 

White Egret landing

Early morning light - two not so small great blue heron chicks in morning light


Mom great blue heron resting after feeding her noisy chicks

I like the early morning light against clouds and blue sky

Four great blue heron chicks

More practice to photograph dragonflies in flight


Feeding great blue heron chicks.  Mom arrives on the left. Chicks in the nest

Mom departs

Green heron, her nest and egg

Limpkin with a mussel for breakfast

Holding the extracted mussel in her beak - prior to swallowing

Long neck of the green heron


Little Blue Heron

Left over mussel shells from many limpkin meals

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