Friday, April 21, 2017

About flying birds and insects

I like the challenge of catching flight of things flying.  Here are some examples.

A dragonfly in flight

White birds and Egrets in particular are difficult to photograph.  Often the detail is lost because of overexposure.   I've used 2 strategies: 1) use spot metering which decreases the overall exposure and when using aperture mode, increases the shutter speed - that helps with freezing motion; 2) use EV = -1 with metering that covers the entire field of view.  For focus, I use Group focus, a wonderful feature of the Nikon D500.

A great blue heron bring food to her chicks

White egret from below

Another view of the white egret.  

A green heron departing from a limb

Green heron in flight

Osprey hunting for lunch

I think this is a hawk

A dragonfly emerging from the nymph stage

Green Heron

Little Blue Heron

Hoverfly hovering

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