Monday, April 17, 2017

Great Blue Heron Family Life

I've been watching this family of Great Blue Herons since mid January.  The kids appear to be almost adult and their eating behavior is quite interesting to watch - as though they are trying to eat their mom or eat each other.  Here are the photos and videos:

Two hungry chicks

Mom arrives

With mouths open, the chick start what appears to be biting mom's beak and biting each other -  a puzzle to me 

Easier to get the idea in a video:

Here the chicks have pulled mom down, I suppose to grab something to eat

A maze of beaks - mom in the middle

A chick with wide open mouth -  apparently aimed at mom's beak

Here the chick is pulling mom's beak down while the other chick appears to also be grabbing mom's beak

Finally breakfast is over

and mom departs 

Meanwhile, back in the nest, the kids stand erect and sort of vibrate their throats:

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