Tuesday, February 26, 2019

February 24, 2019 - Cloud and star trails

This morning about 2am, I work up - and looked outside,  it was clear so I thought I'd get a couple of hours photos of the northern sky (30 sec eposures).  I set up the camera and timer and went back to sleep.  About 5am I work again and the fog was horrible.  I retrieved my camera and though it would be a total failure. Turns out it was quite interesting:  watching the clouds go by as if in a Star Trek warp drive.
Star Trails around Polaris (actually around the celestial north pole)

Clouds flying by as if in a time warp

Building the star trails using StarStaX  2 hours of 30 sec exposures.


Chiranjeevi said...

Hi Frank,

After a long time, few days back, I came to your website and surprised to see that you are into Astro Photography. Would like to know your equipment details and configuration with each article. "DSS image of NGC2024 and IC434 " and M31 images are too good. Would like to see more stunning photos.

Frank said...

Hi - I"m using the iOptron Star guider pro camera is a Nikon D500 with tamron 150-600 mm lens usually @600mm F/6.3. or NIKON 70-200 F/2.8 . I USE a light pollution filter (from amazon) which makes a huge difference.

thanks for interest