Monday, February 11, 2019

February 10, 2019: Triple Creek Nature Preserve

Was a rainy night then stopped about 6am  - but I did not expect to find much due to the mild cold of winter.  I was surprised to find a Phidippus regius with a valentine heart on her dorsal aspect of her abdomen

Cuckoo Wasp - Folded 

Cuckoo Wasp roaming about my finger

Phidippus regias (?) emerging from her egg sac

New spider for me

Newly hatched spiderlings: A tangle of legs

Egg Sac hanging from a small twig

Hanging egg sac with recently emerged spiderlings

A patch of volunteer watermelons

This was hiding under one of the watermelons:  Phidippus regis

Looking at me

A valentine Phidippus regius - masquerading as Phidippus valentinas  - what a surprise!!!

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