Wednesday, January 24, 2018

January 24, 2018 . Pairing behavior of Great Blue Herons

I’m beginning to see patterns of behavior during pairing of Great Blue Herons.  Here are some examples.

The Stretch

Usual flying configure when working -  with the neck in the "S" configuration

During pairing, though, the male flies circles around the nest and his prospective girlfriend - with his neck extended.

Sometimes there is a lookout

Scratching his face

Passing a twig from male to female

Off to fetch another twig  (nest building materials)

Returning with a twig

Passing the twig

Off for another twig

Fetching another twig - Neck in the "S" configuration

Returning with a twig

Off for more twigs

Returning with a twig


Passing the twig to the female (the construction supervisor)

Returning with another twig

Anxious female awaiting the twig

Female watching an intruder

Male returning with another twig

Off ro another twig

Time out for circular flying to impress the female (straight neck)

Straight neck for short circle around his girlfriend

Beak dueling

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