Tuesday, January 23, 2018

January 22, 2018: Great Blue Heron Harvesting

After watching early nest building, pairing  and mating of Great Blue Herons, the next activity seems to be the male searching for suitable twigs and moss while the female weaves them into the nest.

Time lapse video of harvesting a twig with Spanish moss

Vigorously pulling a twig

Holding a twig and displaying breeding plumage

Wrestling with a twig

Holding a twig with Spanish moss, I suppose to make a comfy interior of the nest

I love the lighting of this image

Once the twig is harvested, the male returns holding the twig in his mandibles 

Landing with a twig

Departing to fetch another twig - A female in a neighboring nest is seen

Returning with a long twig

Passing the twig to the female

The female takes the twig

And weaves it into her nest

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