Monday, December 11, 2017

December 11, 2017: Watching behavior around the "heron tree"

This morning -  they left for feeding - so photos of takeoff and landing and catching fish
Here is the "Great Blue Heron Tree" :  a pine tree with at least 2 nests and perhaps 4.  Two moms here: one on the left and one to the right mostly hidden by pine needles

Two of the nests

Mom (1) departs to meet dad for breakfast

Mom(2) caught a small fish

Mom (2) (Great blue heron) with breakfast (a small fish)

Mom (2) flying over the lake (fortunately close to me)

Mom (2) fishing

Great blue heron plunging her head / beak to catch a fish

Great blue heron (mom (2)) withdrawing her head, hopefully with breakfast

Sure enough, a small fish in her beak

A closer view of great blue heron with fish for breakfast

Carefully carrying breakfast to the pond bank

Another view of mom (2), Great Blue Heron, with her breakfast

Now flying 101 -  Takeoff (lunging forward)

Leaving a trail of water droplets

Gaining altitude trailed by water drops

Flying over the pond

Reflections of flying over the pond

Great blue heron, landing . (gear down)

Flaps down to stop her forward progress

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