Sunday, February 5, 2017

Feb 5, 2017: John B. Sergeant Park

A morning at Sergeant Park - rustic path along the canoe canal to the river. An amazing lizard, possibly Anolis trinitatis (St Vincent's bush lizard) - was cold and he was sluggish and consequently quite cooperative to my slow focus. This guy was covered in leaf litter.  When I removed the litter, he was tan with yellowish markings
Looking at me
 Amazing aqua eyes
 Another view of the changing colors
 Resting and tan regions become aqua
 Stunning aqua eyes
 Possibly Uloboridae
 Cypress knees
 Returning to the lizard - the tan has become aqua and green
 Quite cooperative - a good view of the aqua regions
 Hiding from me
 Tricolor Heron fishing
 Tricolor heron watching
 Tricolor heron fishing
 A family of vultures
 Green Heron
 After spooking her -  she acquired a new hair style

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