Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Feb 15, 2017: Great Blue Herons - a morning of nest building

This morning a visit to the Great Blue Heron nest (actually 3 nests in the same tree) - and along the way, a little blue heron.

Tall pine tree with three nests - two are visible

Dad great blue heron arriving with building materials

Dad and mom and their nest

Dad taking off in search of building materials

Dad taking off in search of building materials

Mom in her nest

Dad brining a twig for improving the structural integrity of their nest

Dad landing with a twig

Dad watching while mom works on her nest

Dad brining more building materials

Dad in search of building materials

Dad passing mom some building materials

Dad approaching their nest (lower left)

Approaching the nest

Approaching the nest and mom appears

Mom, alert, as dad appears

Dad watching mom

Bringing a twig with leaves

I wonder how much wind resistance the twig with leaves exert on her beak

Flying away in search of

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