Saturday, April 4, 2020

Astrophotography by mistake photographing Venus and the Plieades

I'm learning Astrophotography mostly by trying many things making mistakes and learning from mistakes.  April 4, 2020 - trying to set infinity focus - by varying focus of a bright object, in this case Venus -  as I pass through the focus many dim objects appear and when they are brightest _ I think that is the infinity focus point 9about 400 light year - big infinity.  the Plieades above and to the right of Venus appear but I did not recognize - but took several image - while post processing, I passed the image through for annotation - tells me where I've aimed my camera lens. labeled a number of the stars and other galactic objects, nebulae etc.

Venus passing through Plieades

Annotation by of objects in the above imag

Initial image Plieades quite faint - Venus, brightest object

One night later between clouds

Later through the clouds apr 05


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