Friday, September 21, 2018

Sept 20, 2018: Long duration lighting

I have a Pluto Trigger, a gift from my son, and slowly I'm learning to use it.  My current curiosity is how to capture lightning.  The Pluto Trigger has a lightning mode where you set the sensitivity, and it's internal light sensor triggers the camera shutter each time some light event changes.   Lots of false positives, but a few quite interesting photos.

Last evening we had an almost storm -  i.e. dark clouds, lightning and no rain.  Perfect for trying to capture lighting.  I managed to capture one event in about 300 - but that event was quite interesting.  Two consecutive triggers a second apart displayed the same lighting event - suggesting the duration was > 1 sec.  Here are the images and its clear (at least to me) that they represent the same event - a discontinuous upper segment and the lower segment follows the tree limb.  I'm shooting at ISO 100, f/8, 1/10 sec exposure.

First event: 19:11:49 - a discontinuous top (probably hidden behind something) and the lower segment follows the tree limb

Second event: 19:11:50 - Same less bright, probably because the duration is less than 1/10 sec (exposure time).  However this suggests the total duration of the event was > 1 sec.

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