Monday, July 30, 2018

July 29, 2018 . Adventures at Triple Creek Nature Preserve

Triple Creek Nature Preserve 

This is my "go to" site.  All year around things are happening, and with such diversity that I never tire of finding old friends and making new friends.  Here is yesterday's "catch".

Phidippus sp (regius, audax?)

Phidippus apacheanus or color variant of P. regius?


Eriophora ravilla

Medial apophyses (little Italy boot on either side of the chelicera

Peucetia viridans (female)

Nephila clavipes



Male (showing injectors)

Home -  a female N. clavipes and 2 males

Bagworm moth larvae

Argiope aurantia (at 8:03) without stabilimenta

Argiope aurantia (at 9:46) with stabilimenta

Juvenile Argiope aurantia with circular-like stabilimenta



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